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Credit Union Member-Owners Take A Stand

Virginia boasts more than 3 million credit union member-owners.

These everyday working Americans understand that their member-owned, not-for-profit credit union exists solely to provide member-owners with consumer-friendly products and services, designed to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

This Web site is designed to help those member-owners help their credit unions, by giving individuals the opportunity to contact legislators and voice their opinion on issues and legislation.

Get Involved ... Help Protect Your Member-Owned Credit Union!

We need your help with these critical issues, including our top priority: data security.

Credit unions are also concerned about data breaches, which have become more frequent and affect larger numbers of Americans. It's time to protect credit union members; it's time to tell the merchants responsible to stop the data breaches!

Stop the Data Breaches!

Urge Congress to protect credit union members from costs associated with data breaches by holding merchants accountable for data security.


Don't Tax My Credit Union

Congress will continue to wrestle with the issue of tax reform. It's critical, as credit union members, that we continue the fight to protect our tax status. A tax on credit unions is a tax on members like us!